Teenagers are under ever-increasing exam pressures

From schools seeking to maintain their league table position, new teaching methods, larger classes, Government changes to the curriculum, and the fiercest competition among their peers now for the very best-paid jobs and top careers... young people ARE under ever-increasing pressures: to perform at school to the very highest academic standards, expected to cope with the extra stress - and succeed every time.
Pressure to perform under exam conditions is nevertheless about to intensify. From September 2015 an intentionally 'more rigorous' linear assessment structure is introduced. In increasing numbers of subjects: ongoing coursework will no longer count towards the final assessment. Success or failure will rest entirely on exams - all taken at the end of the course. Mid-year retakes will stop for all but GCSE English and Maths. And A Level grades will no longer take account of (mid-course) A/S Level marks. A Level grades awarded will be based only on A2 exams taken all together at the end of the second year. 

What can you do as a caring parent?

You can plant a seed of hope. You can give your daughter or son access to an opportunity to cope without the intense stress. Using simple techniques, tailored to their individual needs, they will be able to achieve well at school. And progress successfully to enjoy the University, career and life of their choice


YOU CAN HELP them discover their own unique way to study most effectively.  And with one to one expert coaching develop the skills to succeed... for themselves

To keep your teenager free of exam stress

give them the opportunity to experience ACE Recall


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